Wedding of Niki & Fani in Athens.

This wedding was held in Athens in winter on February. Fortunately the weather was warm, but it was rain in the evening. Our work we started with the preparation of the bride at her home. It was very hospitable family and we have worked with pleasure. The church was very close to the house and it was very convenient. After the ceremony…

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The birth of new life…

It was a fantastic photoshoot of a girl with golden hair. It was just a magical day filled with warmth, sun, the scent of flowers. It was impossible to break away from such beauty. What magical sunset was on that day, mmmmm – we were very lucky. You can first see the magic slide-movie. While…

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Children & goats

Very funny, interesting and so cool photoshoot with children, goats and 2 cute kitties. The goats were very friendly, they were eating bread from hands. The cats were jealous, so they came to eat bread too and to drink some milk. Picnic was a success! The beautiful costumes were given by the russian school in…

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Spring family walk

How beautiful is the nature in spring! Everything is green and blooming.That is the reason why we wanted to capture this moment with a wonderfull family of Victoria and Nikos with their daughters-twins Eva and Rosa. That day was quite windy and cloudy, but nothing could stop us. The girls did not hesitate to camera…

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Wedding of Lilia & Viktor, Crete

The wedding ceremony of a beautiful couple Lily and Victor was on Crete. We organized this important event in individual, original and creative way. We listened to all their wishes and preferences, offered our ideas and tried to make that day the most memorable for them. The couple lived in a villa,that was like a…

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